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Happy Clients

Fabulous Work!
I can't tell you how much of an amazing job you did.
Thank you for being so flexible with our project and helping us with last minute changes and revisions.
Good turn around time, Great voice, and an Amazing person to work with!
I hope to work with you again soon.
EXL Films

Your voice is beautiful, as is your delivery. Thank you for the wonderful work.
Boston Children's Hospital

Rosa, many thanks for a job well done! I'm delighted with your work - you're great to work with and you hit it out of the park!
MANY THANKS again to you for a job well done!

David Scheerer
Professor HSU Film

In order to be a great “voice talent” you have to have the “gift” of communication. 


That “gift” allows for the vocal artist to take copy and give the proper inflections to make sure that the listener feels as if they are talking personally to them. 


Rosa’s style is intimate, but yet professional enough to make sure that the message is conveyed with passion and just the right dose of authority. 


We feature some of the most heard voices in the industry between radio and television, and Rosa’s performance after one piece was so compelling that she became our “go to” for Hispanic voicing. 


My advice is to get her now before I take her all the way off the market …she’s just that phenomenal !


W. Morgan – Principal 


W. Morgan Video Communications

Rosa Worley Voice Over
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